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Just want you to know that I LOVE my new Warm-Up.!! When I first unwrapped it and held it up I thought that even if I greased my hips I wouldn't get in on! But, with a helpful tug or two...and finally reading your directions... I easily got it on and it felt perfect! We have had some "temperature issues" in the pool and it has been in the very low 80's. There were only 3 in class (counting me) on Thurs. and if I hadn't had my Warm-Up on I would have been on the deck in a flash! If you ever need a testimonial for the Warm-Ups, I'm your gal!! So glad I found you.

Peg Ursad [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you. Mom's water warm up jacket is GREAT! Finally, no shivering! Thanks, Lynne

Hi Sally:
My husband gave me the gloves from your company as an early Christmas gift since my hands were so bad. These gloves are, like the pants and jacket, "worth their weight in gold". Thank you for being a source of such excellent products. YFF (Your Forever Fan) Stephanie Jones

Dear Sally, Since I received my jacket and pants about two weeks ago, I have worn both every day to the pool. Thanks to you and your wonderful products, I will be able to continue my water aerobics all winter without being miserable! I've already given out several of your cards and hope that some of the other "girls" will place an order. Your biggest fan, Stephanie C.Jones, Sacramento, CA Sally, got your package yesterday. Have already used the jacket and love it. Keeps me warm but leaves me free to swim my laps. Taking it to the river this weekend for some water skiing. Happy Thanksgiving. Kim T Connole

My shoes arrived today! I put them on right here at work! (I didn't mind - I just got a pedicure the other day, with some blueberry nail polish!) Thank you so much for moving those along to me - I had a class last night, and took off my shoes, and they were literally falling apart in my hands. The timing on these is perfect! That also reminds meto ask you - what is the best way for me to take care of them? I found my other shoes became quite stinky, even though I would rinse them, and air dry them after each workout. I will share your cards with my workout mates. You're the best! Take care, Angie Bailey Kirkland, WA

Wow!!! This jacket is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can't believe how warm it is.
My friend Judy Knight wanted me to tell you how much she is enjoying hers. A happy customer,
Betty Smith

Hi Sally,
We got my husband's two jackets today and they are both great. You were definitely right, the size 9 fit him perfectly. I really appreciate you going that extra mile (as always). Can't say enough good things about your jackets. Have a great Mother's Day. Mary J Case, customer for about 10 years

Hi Sally,
I received the email below from my dad regarding the jacket I ordered for my mom. This was the first time she wore it to class and, I think, the first time she didn't get cold. I'm not sure if you have a catalog or not. In any case, I can direct them to your website to order.
Thank you again for all your help with it!
Suzanne Holthaus

From my dad:
Home from the Aerobic classes and mother did not get cold. Her instructor said it was the best he has seen and would like to get a catalog from where you bought it so he can suggest it to the other cold people See you this evening.

Dear Sally,
Our jackets arrived and we wore them in class today... perfect fit...we were indeed much warmer...and the envy of the rest of the class who have not yet been convinced that they would like this jacket! I should have ordered the crystals for proper washing...will order that . Thanks again! Ed and Ann

.........I appreciate your wonderful, professional service. Marsha Otani, Oceanside, CA

Dear Folks,
We are so pleased with the help we received on the telephone for our order for the two jackets. They are wonderful and fit perfectly. I also appreciated that someone was dedicated enough to call me back in regard to this order. You deserve to succeed in the business world. We will be looking at other products as well. Thanks for helping me to continue with our water aerobic program. I have a super sensitivity to the sun and live in Scottsdale up in the mountains. I have to go out at first light or I can't go out at all. So you can see why these jackets means so much to me. Thanks again. Dee Hagopian

Hi Sally.............was able to get on a computer so decided to write briefly.
I love the jackets with the full length zippers. They are easier to get on and off and made winter aquatic therapy more tolerable...being in an outdoor pool. The shorts surprised me by being an even greater help in staying warm enough.
Being in water is like being free to move for me [movement on land is difficult]. I could not have stayed in the water very long had I not gotten the jackets and shorts from you. Your product is the reason I could continue the needed aquatherapy.

Thank you,
Mary Ann Fruchtenbaum

Hi Sally,
I wanted you to know I am very happy with the neoprene jacket I bought last month. I love the color and it fits really well. And it makes all the difference in being able to get it on and off without wrenching my right shoulder. And it is just that much warmer than the .5mm thickness pullover shirt I had been wearing from LLBEAN over the past year.

Wishing you well in your special mission to keep all of us in better health through water workouts in warmer attire. Take care out there : ) Sincerely, Susan Andrews

Jorge Galindo here, I just finished browsing your website!! It looks great (I noticed you are a model as well!!) You really have a great business here, full of neat ideas. I was a lifeguard for many years (as well as coaching polo and swimming lessons) and wish we had some easy to use "warm ups" like you are selling. I used to absolutely dread getting in the pool at 6:00 or 7:00 am!! Best of luck and I'll see you on Thursday.


The ladies that I do swim arobics just fell in love with the short sleeve jacket I ordered from you. Five ladies have ordered them and one ordered a purple long sleeved one. Several others are ordering also. The short sleeve is just perfect for those of us who do swim arobics year round. Here is Green Valley Arizona, it gets a bit nippie in the winter. Thanks again for advertising the short sleeve jacket.

Cynthia Peters

Dear Sally,

Well count me in with the group who raves about your products and the personalized service you provide with all of them. I teach water aerobics in an outdoor pool year round and it gets windy and cold when we leave summer behind. I have handed out your brochures to all of my students and many of them have taken advantage of purchasing the products that you advertise on your web site. I got the ball rolling by visiting with you and buying some myself and that is what got us set up with our own personal vendor. It is a pleasure having you so close by so that the students that want can drive down to try on the items to make sure they fit snugly. I have found that those who ordered via the phone or the Internet had the same prompt and courteous service. Everyone seemed to find just what they needed and everything fit fine. Thank you for following up on the broken strap I had on my leg weights, for sending me the cutest suit ever, and for making our relationship so pleasurable. I plan on continuing to use your products and giving all my new students the opportunity to find out for themselves just how great Water Warm Ups are. Here's to many more wonderfully warm years.

Sally Larson, Aquatics Instructor

Dear Sally,

I just received the jacket today and it fits just right, just a tad snug under the armpits but you were right, the medium would have been too big. The royal blue looks great. Thank you for recommending the small, I can't wait to try it out. The person who referred me to you gave the jacket rave reviews.
Sincerely, Brenda Harai

Sally: I would first like to say Thank You for allowing me to come and visit with you today and be fitted for the right size water warm-ups.
As you can see I was so excited after making the long drive and it was well worth every mile I traveled.
Everything I purchased today was used during my session this evening at the 24 Hour Fitness Center in West Covina, Ca. I really liked the belt because now I can go in the deeper end of the pool and not feel like I am drowning!
My suit was just perfect for the cold pool. I was not cold nor did I get hot in the suit. It was a "hit" with many of the students and even the instructor.
She informed all of the students that if they were serious about water aerobics then they should invest in the water warm-ups.
Many asked for the website and I gave it to them. I told them that I would make up packets with all of the information that you provided to me today along with the sales brochure and would share it with them starting with tomorrow's class.
Again thanks and I will continue to promote your product because I know it worked for me!

"Sally: just wanted to let you know how well the sun-proof top worked in Hawaii! I wore it snorkeling every day and did NOT get burned!! My dermatologist will be so happy with me... I'm glad I had the long sleeves--it was amazingly comfortable and cool. Thanks again!" Pam Phillips, Balboa Island, CA

"Hi Sally! My jacket, buoys and shoes arrived and I love them. Everyone wants to know where I got the PURPLE buoys! Have not had an opportunity to wear the jacket in the pool as it is still really warm here but it fit like a glove! You made a great recommendation on size. I have already given out a couple of your fliers in class to the teacher and students! Thank you again! Now I am thinking of getting one of your lighter weight jackets for those times when it is not super cold but it's windy!" Diane

"Hi Sally, The warm-up jacket and pants are just what I need - I enjoyed water aerobics this morning without a chill and even felt my feet and hands stayed warmer. Several gals expressed interest so hope I generated a little business from Texas! Thanks!" Cindy, Texas

"Sally, A million and one thanks for your WATER WARM-UPS. It has made my evening pool physical therapy sessions possible and pleasant. Thanks!" Peggy Klinck, Fountain Valley, CA.

"Dear Sally Stanton, My boss and I want to thank you and your staff for your fine workmanship on the suits and prompt shipment. We look forward to wearing the suits and staying warm in the pool".Nicole Jiu, Mariners Square Athletic Club, Alameda, CA

"Dear Sally, just wanted you to know that I love the jacket and pants. Actually I haven't had the chance to wear the pants, because the water has been really warm. I am impressed though with the quality of the sewing and the quality of material you use. I have worn the jacket and LOVE it. Thanks so much for producing these and look forward to a long relationship with you and purchasing these products".

"Just returned home from Las Vegas, for my husband's seminar he gave. I joined a health club there for the week--water was cold, and luckily brought your jacket along. It was terrific and I felt so warm, while everyone lese was shivering. THANKS!"

"Today was 6 below zero outside. So I had a chance to wear both my jacket and pants. I wanted to tell you I just LOVE them both. You were right, the stirrups don't hurt my knees at all." Sue Rudman, Galesburg, IL.

"Hi Sally, Just to let you know how wonderful the jacket is - have worn it a few times in the evenings as it is cool and windy".Christine Lastname, by email.

"My Florida blood/ formally Yankee blood is so thinned out that San Diego was a chill for me dry or wet. I did wear it (the jacket) for in water class and found it to be very good at keeping me warm in the water and even more important when I got out of the water!!! Glad I met you and want to share your information with other teachers/ students at the YMCA I work so please send me some brochures if you'd like me to spread the word." Diane Howe Eberly, by email.

"Dear Sally, I just got back from LOndon and opened the package with my husband's shirt and my fleece suit in. We tried them in the water. They are great! My husband usually does not comment much about things. But he absolutely LOVED his shirt. You made it long enough and he could easily pull it on and off )he has a 19" neck so it is not always easy.) Thank you so much for offering such great merchandise for the water. I will pass the word to my students how really great your stuff is." Mary Case, Danvill, CA.

"I wore it yesterday for the first time and it was wonderful....YEAH. Thank you." Kareen Reamy, Danville, CA.

"I love my new Waterwarmup suit! It really takes the edge off that very cold moment entering and exiting an outdoor pool. And my husband thinks it looks very smart..like the Star Trek uniform. I was especially satisfied with the excellent and individualized customer service I received from Sally Stanton. The first suit sent to me was a little tight in the arms. She insisted I send it back and made a new suit to my exact measurements! I have recommended it tomy clients because it is an excellent product backed up by a caring human being."

"Thanks Sally. It fits perfectly. You really went the extra mile! I'll be telling my clients about your work". Shereen Motarjemi, by email.

Certified Instructors get a 10 % discount on WATER WARM-UPS! Only allowed for your own personal use. Offer excludes all equipment, shoes and accessories.
Please mail or fax a copy of your current certificate or AEA membership with your orders, in order to be eligible for a 10 % discount.


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