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Chammyz- Moisture Management

The human body produces perspiration in order to regulate and maintain an ambient body temperature. The addition of clothing to the body can interfere with the body’s natural process of temperature control, especially when that clothing cannot manage moisture or sweat. The high level of Chammyz comfort comes from its enhanced breathing ability.

Chammyz can manage abundant quantities of wetness or moisture, especially during active use. Unlike cotton, which tends to retain moisture and becomes saturated, Chammyz prevent moisture retention by using a natural evaporation process. Initially Chammyz absorbs, then wicks moisture through the fabric and then disperses it for rapid drying. Chammyz aids the body’s natural process of producing comfort by instantly removing the moisture and/or perspiration, providing the wearer with instant dryness, warmth and unparalleled comfort.

ROBE with hood, tie belt and large front pockets: $78.00
COLOR: white only
one size fits all

Robe: $78.00
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COVERUP with hood, full front zipper and large front pockets: $68.00 ($78.00 for XXXL)
COLORS: Black, Ocean Blue, Sea Green, White, Natural Sand, Storm Grey, Sunset Red, Camel, Denim, Purple.

Smallest (less than 100 pounds)
Smaller (100-140 pounds)
Most (140-180 pounds)
Bigger (180-230 pounds)
XXXL (230-300 pounds)

CoverUp: $68 ($78)
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Other Chammyz styles are available, call 714-550-0668 for more information

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